Unexplained MysteriesThere are many unexplained mysteries of the world which had happened years ago, and up until now, no one has given exact explanation about them. Here is a list of the most unexplained bizarre mysteries that have been recorded in the history of the world.

The Sasquatch (Bigfoot)

Sasquatch or Bigfoot is the world’s famous spooking creature for North American hunters and hikers. However, the scientists are considering Bigfoot as a result of misidentification, folklore and just a hoax. Despite of this explanation, many people still believe that this humanoid creature is really existing somewhere around the world, similar with the unexplained mysteries of Yeti of Himalayas.

This creature is described as 6 to 10ft tall ape-like creature that weighs over 500 pound covered with reddish or dark brown hair. Some witnesses claim that whenever you see one, they will give you large eyes and it looks very similar to a male gorilla. This was named Bigfoot because of its 24inches long footprints.

The Crop Circles

This mystery came into the sightings way back 1960s. The crop circles form a primitive flattened crops in circular patterns that is said to be created overnight. For the next past years, this one of the most unexplained mysteries have evolved into a more complex formation such as geometric shapes, nautilus shell, and DNA double helix.

In 1966, an Australian farmer claimed to see a circular spaceship that rise up from a swamp then flew away. According to the paranormal fans, the spaceship is a UFO and those circles are made from the mysterious energy that was left behind by the ship in order for us to have a contact with the extra-terrestrial creatures.

The Area 51 and UFO

The first confirmed sighting of UFO happened in 1878 in Texas. There are many unexplained mysteries about this UFO and many sightings were confirmed in 1916, and 1950s in relation with the crop circles. The theories explain that the range of paranormal phenomena starts from aliens of different planets to the aliens that are popping from parallel universe. With many unexplained stories and strange mysteries that are happening in the universe, we can’t tell if these creatures really exist or not.

The Belmez Faces

In 1971, Belmez, which is a small village in Spain had one of the paranormal mysteries of the world. Maria Pereira reported this as one of the unexplained mysteriesin which a human face is continuously appearing on their kitchen floors. After the appearance of first face on her kitchen floor, she decided to destroy and replace it but new faces have promptly appeared.

This one of the strange mysteries has caught the attention of many people around the world which has brought many visitors on her house every day. The faces that appeared in her kitchen floor consists of male faces, female faces, and some are large and small. She eventually discovered that the first house that was built around 1830 stood above a graveyard that was used by Medieval Christians, Spanish Muslims, and Romans which has somewhat explained these unexplained mysteries. Because of the appearing faces, she benefitted from it financially and in 2004, Maria Pereira eventually died.

The Pyramid Power

In Egypt, the Pyramid of Giza are really special. No one can still explain how the Egyptians have built this largest pyramid in the world, which is also known as the Great Pyramid of Khufu or Cheops 5000 years ago. And the fact that this Pyramid was built before the invention of the wheel made the thought more impossible.

The Great Pyramid of Khufu is a 40-storey building that covers a very large area – big enough to fit 10 football fields inside it and because of this, this was considered as one of the unexplained mysteries of the world. It is built from over 2million stone blocks that were used to form a pyramid. Each stone is estimated to weigh 2 to 5 tons and were harvested from a distant quarry land on the other side of Nile. The historians have estimated that more than 400,000 men were used to build this pyramid and took 20 long years to complete it.

The Bermuda Triangle is considered as the one responsible for disappearance of numerous boats and airplanes in ocean between Bermuda, San Juan, and Florida. This ocean part is heavily sailed by most of the shipping lines in world with the vessels that are crossing daily through the ports of Caribbean Islands, Europe, and America.

Over the years, there are many disappearance have been recorded in very mysterious circumstances and all of them have remained unsolved and considered as one of the unexplained mysteries in the world. Many people claims that the disappearance of airplanes and boat are results of natural disasters, equipment failure or human error but no one have proven it.

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